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Introduction to Medexam Desktop or USB Portable

Medexam is an exam aid for medical students and doctors and others studying the biomedical sciences. It contains over 1850 searchable questions with detailed and comprehensive answers. Download and install and run the latest version of now. Use it through your medical school years and even for postgraduate exams and you will be better equipped on the wards and in the exams and it will help to reinforce your reading, tutorials and bedside teaching. Use the contained 1300 topic knowledgebase it as a desktop quick and reliable reference much quicker than googling facts and far more reliable.

Download and Installation guide

Download full version today. Once downloaded simply unzip onto desktop and look in the folder medexam and double click medexam.exe (smiley face icon). You will have to give windows 10 permission to allow it to run. This will be seen when it shows you the Windows protected your PC: Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

Click "More info" and Run anyway. Ensure downloads only come from the website. The software can be run off a USB stick.

My Philosophy

The best way to learn and retain information is to be asked and then discover the answer. The best way to know what you know and know what you don't know or don't know what you don't know is to constantly test yourself. Self testing in a way that does not make you feel uncomfortable for me is the most efficient way to learn and reinforce learning. Therefore the more questions you do and answers that you read and understand the more quickly will you use your time efficiently and effectively to learn and understand medicine.

Medexam is constantly being rewritten, improved and edited and so it is important that you upgrade so that all your information is accurate and up to date as possible. Medicine changes continuously. Once purchased updates are after that all free so you needn't delay until closer to the exams to purchase. Get it today.

MedExam Desktop/USB Portable Details

Medexam is useful for those doing Final MB, MRCP, MRCPI, MRCGP, RACGP, FRACP, DipGerMed, USMLE, PLAB, US Board exams. Many of the questions are simple true/false but there are also Extended matching questions and Best of fives and real clinical medicine cases. The questions are designed to teaching rather than just test. You should come away from each questions with a better understanding of the topic. The medexam interface puts you more in control. You can search for any questions, do questions in any order you wish and read any disease summary or search the knowledgebase. 

Who am I ?

I am the author and developer and a consultant physician and senior lecturer in medicine at a UK medical school. I have studied computer science and I develop and write and have produced ABC Medical notes for medical students on ios and android which I give away free. I try to come up with tools to enable students to learn in a more focused way. I think that until we are asked and answer questions we cannot know how much we know or don't know. This is an easy and private way to learn and make mistakes. With time Medexam will continue to develop into a full learning package. I have been working on this now for 10 years. More about me at my other website

Unique Selling Properties

Medexam contains a knowledgebase with over 2000 articles on drugs and diseases and basic science. This should give you and idea how it works. The Knowledgebase is searchable and will save you huge amounts of time in no need to use google or other textbooks. The facts there at the fingertips. Over time it will be updated and be useful as a standard textbook.

What do I get ?

Compatibility with Apple Mac owners

If you want to run it on an Apple mac with a windows emulator you must check that the download runs fine first before paying. We can not provide a refund if we have already given out a code. You may be able to install it on a USB and use it where you do have access to awindows PC.


Any queries or comments then write to me at

What subjects are covered

Acute Medicine , Anaesthetics , Anatomy , Biochemistry , Cardiology , Cell Biology , Clinical skills , Dermatology , Data Interpretation , Diabetes , Endocrinology , Emergency medicine , Ear Nose Throat , Ethics , Haematology , Immunology , Gastroenterology , General Practice , Surgery , Geriatric Medicine , Gynaecology , Hepatology , Infectious diseases , Obstetrics , Oncology , Ophthalmology , Microbiology , Neurology , Paediatrics , Respiratory , Rheumatology , Pathology , Pharmacology , Physiology , Statistics , Therapeutics , Toxicology , Tropical medicine

Ongoing support

We want to be the best teaching and exam aid so there will be frequent updates and new questions and updates to the knowledgebase. if there are omissions and errors please write to us at


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